Saturday, July 14, 2012

8 months

He's crawling!!!  Yes he is on the go!  He is also now pulling himself up on whatever he can.  He is going to be walking before i know it.  We now have baby gates up and his crib needed to be lowered because he could flip himself out of his crib.  Evey once in a while I think I hear mama.  I just say he does and pick him up!  He is eating so many different things now.  I don't think there is anything this boy doesn't like.  We were in Chicago for the last 6 weeks and Nicholas had so much fun with family.  We took him to the pool, park, church, and many family parties.  I can't believe how big he is getting.  He's such a good boy and love him so much!

Samantha's Words

There are some words that Samantha says that are just too cute that I don't want to forget

Parade = harade
mosquito bite = a basquito bite
Police car = po po car
bathing suit - babing suit
If you don't listen, you don't learn

I know there are a few more and I will just have to update when she says them.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

1 down 3 more to go!

I can't believe intern year of residency is OVER!!!!  I also can't believe we have lived in Michigan now for a year!  This past year has been CRAZY, but I wouldn't have changed anything.  Jim put in a ton of hours and learned a lot.  Hopefully in this next year we will be able to see him more!  This next year he will have more ED shifts which will be nice and there will be no studying for any big board exams.  Botsford has been a great hosptial for Jim and hopefully this year, the kids and I can get to more events to meet other wives & kids.