Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday to my Tank!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!
I can't believe you are 2 already!  Where has the time gone.  This year for your birthday mommy & daddy made you a cake and put Buzz Lightyear on there since you are in LOVE with Toy Story!  Oma & Papa came to Michigan for Halloween and went trick or treating with you and then on your birthday Oma, Papa, Samantha and mommy went to Red Robin for your birthday dinner.  Daddy had to leave that morning for a conference in San Francisco.  We had a laid back type of day and you had fun playing and hanging out with family.  You were so happy when we sang Happy Birthday we had to light the candle 4 times before the song was over because you kept blowing it out.
Nicholas Fun Fact
Weight: 32 lbs 94%
Height: 35.5 in 78%
Favorite Movie: Toy Story & Monsters Inc.
Favorite Food: Waffles, chicken & apples
Favorite Toy: Buzz Lightyear
love being outside, going to the park & riding in the dune buggy
We still rely heavy on your sign language since you are still not talking too much.  Mommy for the most part always knows what you want.  We have started speech therapy now for a couple of months.  You have a couple of words, mom, no & papa.  You are starting to make more sounds.  You are paci free since 21 months and have been sleeping in your big car bed since 16 months.  You love listening to music & dancing and watching movies.  This past year has been amazing.  I have watched you grow and develop into a wonderful sweet little boy.  You love playing with Samantha and you guys play so well together.  There are many things I'm missing but I know i have plenty of pictures to show you what your 2 year was like.  Can't wait to see what God has in store for you in this next year.  Love you to the moon & back my little buddy!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Samantha

Happy Birthday Princess!  You truly had a magical 5th birthday this year!  This year we traveled to Chicago a few days before your birthday and celebrated with Papa (oma was in Florida with great oma because she needed help) Auntie JuJu & Uncle Awesome!  You got some pretty cool gifts from them.  You got some clothes, The Little Mermaid DVD, Jessie from Toy Story, and money for your trip to Disney!  A couple days later, Mimi, Daddy, Nicholas, you & I all hopped in a big limo and drove to the airport for your much anticipated trip to DISNEY!!!!  Everything went smooth on the trip down there.  We got checked into the house Mimi rented and went swimming!  You and your brother had so much fun!  Wednesday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom!  What fun we had.  You met your first princess Pocahontas!  She was beautiful and you fell in love with her!  Nicholas met a few more characters that you would not even come close too (i.e. chip & dale, donald duck, goofy)  We walked around for a bit and then daddy, you & I went on your 1st roller coaster ride!  As you called it the Yeti ride.  It was so much fun and you had a blast on it!  Even when it was dark and we were going backwards you LOVED every minute of it!  After the ride we went to lunch at Tusker House and met some more characters.  You still wouldn't go by them, but you at least waved to them!  After lunch  we waited for the parade to begin!  What fun that was!  We also did a safari and then went to The Lion King show.  After a busy day and your last day being 4 I say it was a good one!
On your birthday we went to the Magic Kingdom and your got to see the castle for the 1st time!  What a magical look you had in your face.  You were so excited to see it!  As we walked up to the castle you saw The Fairy Godmother and was able to get your picture with her and then you got to go to the Bippidi Boddidi Boutique and get made up to be a princess for the day!  At first you wanted to be Jasmine but they didn't have all the accessories for that costume so instead you were Rapunzel for the day!  It was such a fun experience and you loved it all!  We had lunch in Cinderella's castle and you even got to dance with Cinderella!  After lunch we stood in line to see Rapunzel the look and your face when you saw her was priceless!  Mommy started crying to see the joy in your face when she called you by your name and wished you a happy birthday!  It was pure joy!  We spent time going on rides after that.  It was so much fun and your brother was a great sport throughout the whole trip!  All in all your birthday was magical and one you won't forget!
This past year you have grown so much!  You are wonderful to be around.  You are always making us laugh.  You still have your sassy side, but that is what keeps mommy & daddy on our toes!  You are for sure a daddy's girl.  You have daddy wrapped around your finger!

5 year fun facts:
Weight: 43 lbs
Heights: 46 inches

Favorite Movie: Tangled, Monsters Inc.
Favorite Show: Sofia the First
Favorite Toy: Dress Up & Babies
Food: Chicken rolls, cereal, cookies

You are doing great in school again this year.  You are in 4 yr preschool.  You are starting to read and love making pictures & coloring.  Thank you again for being a great big sister to Nicholas.  Even though he gives your trouble sometimes you love him, kiss him and love to play with him.  Daddy & I are so proud of who you are growing up to be and can't wait to see what God has in store for you next year!  Love you baby girl!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

All I want for Christmas is my 2 bottom teeth...

Probably around middle of August Samantha said her 2 bottom teeth were hurting a little.  Jim and I just said she probably ate something that hurt them and that they would be ok.  One night she comes running out of her room a couple hours after sleeping tell us her teeth were loose.  Sure enough her 2 bottom teeth were loose!  Time went on and each day they were looser & looser.  Well the 1st tooth came out Sept 21 at my brother's wedding!  All of a sudden Samantha is crying and blood is coming out of her mouth.  Jim took her in the bathroom because this is all happening while my mom & brother are dancing!  After the tooth was out and the blood was gone Samantha was as happy as could be!  She walked around telling everyone that her 1st tooth was gone!  She told me that the Tooth Fairy doesn't come to hotels so when we got home then the Tooth Fairy was going to come!  So when we got home from Indy, that night we put her tooth in her tooth pillow and put it on the counter in the kitchen!  She was so excited that next morning to see the Tooth Fairy came and brought her $5 and a book!
On October 1, Samantha & Nicholas were downstairs playing and all of a sudden Samantha comes running upstairs telling me she lost her other tooth!  Sure enough it was in her hand and no bleeding was going on!  She was so excited that the Tooth Fairy was coming again!  So now my not even 5 year old has 2 teeth gone already!  She is growing up so fast!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summer 2013

Where has time gone?  It has been one crazy busy, but fun summer!  Let's start where we left off!
May, 2013
My mom drove to Michigan and spent a week or so with us.  Samantha finished 3yr preschool and she got her ears pierced!  Boy was that fun (insert sarcasim here)!  After all was done, she was as happy as could be and couldn't wait to show everyone.  Jim was busy working and Nicholas was just being Nicholas.  Enjoying being outside, playing in the water and exploring new things!
June, 2013
We drove to Chicago middle of June.  Jim had a week vacation so we spent so much needed time as a family and much needed time with our immideate families.  It was nice hanging out, going to the park, pool and just having fun.  After Jim's week he headed home and the kids and I stayed for 6 weeks.  During this time, the kids and I did VBS at Calvary (which is our home church).  Samantha had so much fun being with her cousins and friends.  I decided that since I was already going to be there to drop Samantha off that I would volunteer in the nursery and be with Nicholas.  It was a good experience for him having some structure and learn from the older kids too!  He had a blast with it. Even though the poor kid can't talk he could hum the songs and he knew the motions to the songs as well!  It was fun watching both of them learn & grow during this experience! 
We had lots of fun swimming, playing with water and playing outside! 
July, 2013
Jim surprised us on the 4th of July.  He drove in after his shift on the 2nd and was able to go with us to Palos Heights Fireworks.  It's been a tradtion that we go up to Tastee Freeze get ice cream and sit and watch the fireworks!  Nicholas enjoyed his ice cream & fireworks and Samantha kept us all guessing on what color was going to be next!  On the 4th, Palos Heights has parade down Harlem Ave.  It was so nice we were all able to go!  Nicholas sat in the stroller and watched as the fire trucks, police cars & ambulances started the parade and he was waving and clapping to everyone that passed by!  Samantha was in all her glory with some of her older cousins as they ran in the streets, danced and raced to get candy!  It was so fun to see her have such a good time with them and build these memories!  Later in the day, Jim had to head back to Michigan, while the kids & I headed to the Jager's for our annual cookout there and then to Tinley Park for fireworks!  We all met each other about 10 years ago.  At that time none of us had kids.  Each year we add more & more kids to the picture.  This year there were 16 kids b/w 5 of us!  So much fun to see these kids grow up with each other and have so much fun with each other. 
July continued on with my cousin Meg's wedding!  It was a very warm day.  It was a beautiful wedding outdoors.  Of course she looked beautiful!  We had so much fun!  Jim was able to come in for the weekend so it was nice to spend the time with just the 2 of us as my in-laws took care of the kids while we were there!  The following weekend was my brother & future sister-in-laws wedding shower!  Julie, my mom and I spent a lot of time preparing for it and making it perfect for them!  They got many wonderful gifts and were able to get them put away in their new home quickly! 
Also during the month, the kids & I went up to my sister's house and spent a few days with her and helped her pack up her home.  It was nice spending time with her and of course the kids loved spending time with Auntie JuJu. 
We headed back to Michigan a couple days after the wedding shower.  When we got back, Samantha started another VBS at the church where her preschool is at.  She had a blast.  She saw some kids from her preschool and she also invited Joshua (our neighbor) and Chloe (her friend) to come with! 
August, 2013
We started off with another VBS at the church we have been attending.  Samantha had a blast!  She knew all the songs already because it was the same one she did in June so sh was able to help the kids with the motions and the words!  Other than VBS it was a pretty uneventful month.  Jim was on Ortho so his schedule was good.  We had great weather so we spent a lot of time outside in the pools & playing with water and time up at the park.  We even did a few walks at night and walked to get ice cream!  At the end of August we drove to Chicago for Jeff's bacholor party and I went to a dinner with my MIL and saw Diana Ross in concert!  That was a lot of fun.  I didn't know a lot of her songs, but we were in the front row and she put on a great show!
September 2013
This marked the 1st month of night for Jim in the ER.  It has gone much better than I expected.  We have been able to have dinner together as a family every night.  Even if that meant we ate dinner at 430 and the kids had a snack before they went to bed.  There were even some night Jim was able to tuck the kids in bed before he left for his shift!
Samantha started 4yr preschool this month too!  She was so excited to start and see all her friends again!  So far she is doing really well.  They are working on site words and she is becoming very interested on how to spell words and reading! 
We also had my brother's wedding last weekend!  All 4 of us were in it!  What a blast we had.  Their wedding was absolutely beautiful!  The ceremony was outdoors and reception was inside.  Samantha walked down the aisle so well and Nicholas ended up walking down the aisle with me.  They did so well and they did awesome at the reception too!  They danced their little hearts out and Samantha lost her 1st tooth too!  So needless to say the tooth fairy came once we got home.  The tooth fairy brought her $5 and a Berenstein Bears Tooth Fairy book!  She was so excited! 
I think that pretty much sums up our summer!  It has been fun and crazy, but the fun doesn't stop there!  In a week we leave for Chicago and then head to Disney for Samantha's 5th birthday with my In-laws, then my parents are coming up to Michigan for Halloween, Nicholas' 2nd birthday, Jim leaves for a conference in San Fransico, we then head to Greenville, South Carolina for Nick & Lauren's wedding that Jim & Samantha are in. we then have Thanksgiving, and Christmas and then the year is over!  Can't believe how much fun we have had already this year and there is so much more to come!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


What a month April has been!  With this winter being pretty uneventful April made up for that!  Starting in the beginning of the month my back started hurting and I just figured I tweeked it or just did too much.  The pain wasn't getting any better and I ended up in the ER not once, but twice!  Had to get pain meds both times along with a CT & MRI.  Turns out I had 2 herniated disks on L4 L5 S1.  Not fun at all.  In the meantime I had called my mom and she drove here and stayed with us for a week to help out with the kids and stuff around the house since Jim was working a ton of hours and wasn't going to be home much.  I think I'm on the mend adn is happy I can start moving around more. 
The kids were so good during this time!  Samantha was such a huge help during this time.  She is such a good girl and loves to help me!  She is turing into quite the young little lady.  She still has her sense of humor, sass, and an overall awesome personality!  School has been good for her this month, but she told me that she is bored and ready to move to a harder class.  She is doing very well writing all of her letters  and writing her full name!  We have been working on her knowing her phone number and address as well.  This spring has proved again that Samantha LOVES being outside!  She loves playing in her sand & dirt.  She has learned how to pump her legs on the swings and can get herself pretty high!
Nicholas is doing well too.  He is such a boy!  He loves his trucks, cars and a little princess here and there thanks to Samantha!  He LOVES being outside and hates when we have to come in for lunch or nap.  He loves going down the slides at the park and loves the swing!  He is still eating like a champ!
Jim has been busy this month in the ER, but is still loving every second of it!
I've just been keeping up with my mom duties!  Ready for summer to be here so we don't have to rush every morning to get ready for school!  I'm ready for the pool & ice cream truck & summer night fires! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Been Awhile

It's been 4 months since last updated...not much new is really going on.  Just been very busy with the kids and Jim has had a busy schedule as well. 
November - Nicholas turned 1!  He was just starting to walk and now he is a seasoned pro and is running around like crazy!  The kids and I drove to Chicago for Thanksgiving because Jim worked that entire weekend.  We had a great time with both families and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house with Jim's family.  We headed out to Julie's house and did all of our shopping out by her!  It was so much fun!  Samantha continued with school and continued to do very well.  Jim and I went to Las Vegas for a quick trip.  Jim had an EM conference so he flew out from Detroit and a few days later I flew out of Chicago.  We had a great time enjoying some alone time.
December - This was a rough month.  It seemed like the kids were sick the entire month.  Samantha ended up with croup and then Nicholas got it really bad!  We spent Christmas in Michigan.  It was very different.  This was the first time we woke up on Christmas morning with just our family.  It was nice to have the kids open up their presents and play with them all day.  The Wagners', our neighbors, had invited us to spend Christmas dinner with them, but Nicholas was still sick and had a low grade fever.  As the day went on Nicholas had gotten worse.  The 26 was Jim's birthday.  It was the first time ever that he had to work on his birthday!  He got an unexpected visit from Nicholas and I that night.  Nicholas ended up in the ER with a 104 fever.  Poor little guy was so sick.  Luckily they just had to give him a breathing treatment.   We ended up the next day at the peditrican's office for another breathing treatment and was sent home with a nebulizer.  A couple days later we went to Chicago to celebrate Christmas with both families.  The kids and I ended up staying longer so we could have some extra family time while Jim started his ICU shifts.
January - January was a crazy, busy month!  Jim started in the ICU and most of his shifts were night shifts, so it was the kids & I all day everyday.  We had a lot of snow and spent time playing in the snow, building snowmen and building forts.  
February - Was much of the same as January although Jim was home more and he played out in the snow alot with Samantha while Nicholas and I watched from the warm house! 
March -  March was a fun month.  The kids and I drove to Chicago and they stayed at my parents while I went to Panama City Beach with my girlfriends for our annual roadtrip!  The kids had a ton of fun with family and I was able to get a bit of a "mommy" break and refresh myself.  I always think this is good.  I need to be rested to be able to have a good relationship with my kids.  We also were back in Chicago for Easter.  It was great to see extended family and see all of the cousin play together and hunt for Easter eggs together.
Thankfully it has all been pretty uneventful, but we have had a great winter.  Ready for spring and warmer weather to be able to be outside and play, go for walks, water & chalk!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1st Haircut

Tonight we went to Supercuts and Nicholas got his 1st haircut.  He did such a good job sitting on daddy's lap and looking at all of the animals on his cover.  He doesn't look like a baby anymore which makes me sad.  He looks like a big boy now!