Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Nicholas

Happy Birthday Buddy!

What another great year for you!  This year your birthday was a Planes Fire & Rescue birthday!  Dusty Crop hopper is your favorite!  Oma & Papa came out to Michigan for Halloween and went trick or treating with you and Samantha and then on your birthday we went to Red Robin for dinner and you and daddy shared a vanilla shake together!  You have a great day to celebrate you!
Nicholas Fun Facts
Height: 39 inches
Weight: 39 lbs.
Favorite Movie: Disney Planes Fire & Rescue
Favorite Food: Waffles (if I let you eat these breakfast, lunch and dinner you would!)
Favorite Toy: Cars & Airplanes

You still love being outside, going to the park and swinging.  You love to play with your sister.  Since you have been in school now for 2 months, you are doing really well there too!  You are learning more sounds and starting to communicate a little better.  We still relay on "your" sign language and you showing us a lot. You are completely potty trained during the day, but still struggle at night.  That's ok you are doing awesome!  You are such a sweet little boy and there is nothing I would change about you.  You are kind, sweet, gentle when you need to be, but a rough tough boy when you need to be as well!  God has many things in store for you during this next year!  I see such determination your heart!  Love you my buddy!