Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2nd month doctor's appointment

Weight: 11 lbs 6 oz
Height: 23 in

Samantha had her 2nd month doctor's appointment today. I can't believe how big she is getting. She gains 1 lbs 6 oz and grew 1 1/2 inches since her last appointment. She also had her first round of shots. She did so good. Daddy held her arms down while the nurse gave Samantha her shots in her little legs. She did get cute Snoopy bandaids for them. After she was done we gave her a bottle to calm her down since they wanted us to stay there for 15 minutes to make sure she didn't have any reactions. She was such a trooper. She didn't get a fever and she slept for the rest of the day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary Jim

I can't believe we have been married 4 years. Where has the time gone? I remember our wedding like it was yesterday. I wasn't nervous at all becuase I know God had picked out the perfect guy for me. These past four years have been so much fun and they are only going to get better.
What has happened in this last year.
1. Jim finished his 1st year of Medical school and started his second
2. We found out we were pregant on 6/4/08
3. We were blessed with a daughter, Samantha Lynn 10/10/2008
4. I FINALLY moved to Tennessee
5. In June, we spent a week in San Fransico and Palm Springs

We have so much to look forward to in this next year. I loved you yesterday, I will love you today, I will love you tomorrow and I will love you forever. Happy Annivesary Jim. I love you.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Samantha's 1st cold & Update

Well we got through Samantha's first cold. She got sick when we got back from Chicago. She had gotten the cold that Jim and I had, poor girl. She never ran a fever so that was good, but she just sneezed and coughed a lot. Luckily, we didn't need to go anywhere so she was able to sleep it off. This morning she woke up to her normal cheerful self and was giving me a ton of smiles.

Morning Smiles

Samantha chillin' with us on the couch during the Bears game on Sunday
This is going to be a long week. Jim has his last week of classes for the semester which equals a ton of tests. He has one Thursday, Friday, next Monday and Tuesday. Which means Wednesday we leave to go back to Chicago!!!! I'm hoping Samantha has a very good week. These are the times where I wish we were back in Chicago to hang out with family to break up my day. We also find out on Friday where his 3rd and 4th year rotations will be. We are very anxious and excited for that!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Samantha's first trip to Chicago

Samantha had her first road trip to Chicago and boy did she do good. We left on Tuesday morning. I had convinced Jim Monday night to skip class all day Tuesday rather than leaving Tuesday afternoon. So we left in the morning after Samantha ate. It took us about 9 hours and she slept most of those. We arrived at Jim's parents house becuase this is where we would be staying over Thanksgiving. Soon after we arrived my family met us there. We had a good night of visiting and Samantha being handed from one person to another. It was great to see everyone again. I knew it was going to be a very busy week because everyone wanted to see her, so I wanted to make sure she had a good night sleep.

We woke up Wednesday morning and went over to see Aunt Liz. This was the first time they had seen Samantha. We spent a couple hours over there and she was a very good girl. From there, mom, Julie and myself drove out to work so they could see her. We were there for quite some time and enjoyed seeing everyone again. Wednesday night, we took Samantha to see her first high school basketball game. She did so well.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. We went to church in the morning with Samantha and she loved it. It was mostly music and Samantha loves music. We had Thanksgiving at Jim's parents house and my family was there as well. It was a great way for everyone to meet Samantha. We had such a good time. Samantha slept for most of the day on Auntie Julie and Oma (my mom).

It was such a great weekend and we can't wait to get back up there for Christmas. Samantha will also be baptized when we go back up there and she will get to meet her Great Oma and Great Papa. It is going to be so exciting.

Monday, November 17, 2008

One month doctors appointment

Samantha had her one month doctors appointment on Friday. Jim and I both went so Jim could meet the doctor and see where the office was. Her appointment went very well. She has grown a 1/4 of inch and has gained 2 lbs, so she is at 10 lbs even! I'm so happy to see that she is gaining weight and is growing! She was so good for the doctor and so good in the car to and from the doctor considering it's and hour and half drive. We scheduled her appointment for next month for her shots. I am not looking forward to those at all, but Jim will be coming with me once again.
On another note, Samantha has been sleeping through the night. She is going down between 10 and 11 and wakes up about 6. It has been great to get a long stretch of sleep!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy One Month

To our baby girl

This month has been the most incridible month your dad and I have had. As we have been together, we keep saying life can't get much better, but yet your arrivial into our lives has made it once again that much better. You are loved by so many people. We love watching you grow each day and finding something new each day. This month there was some adjusting, but I think we have everything all under control now. You had colic in the beginning, but we brought you up to school and had Dr. Thompson work his "magic" on you. It took a couple of treatments, but you are now colic free. We have also changed your formula to soy, so now your systems are working so much better with out you working yourself into an uncontrolable cry.
You love to listen to music, dance, and you will even give us a smile here an there. You also love to have baths. You could sit in the water all day.
Samantha, we have learned so much from you in such a short time. We love you more than words could ever describe. We're so excited to see what this next month has in store for you.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Little Peanut has arrived

Samantha Lynn Kowalczyk was born 10/10/2008 at 5:06 pm at Fort Sanders Hospital in Knoxville, TN. She was 8lbs 8oz and 21 1/2 inches. She is absolutely beautiful.

I had a doctors appointment on 10/9, and my blood pressure was really high, so they decided I was going to be induced on 10/10 and to be at the hosptial by 6 am. Jim and I drove home from the doctors office in complete shock they our little miracle was going to be coming the next day. As we called everyone, everyone was scrambling to figure out how they could get down to TN ASAP! Thursday night, Jim and I spent the night getting things ready for the hosptial and for "peanut" to come home. Plus I had some work that I had to finish!

Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night. We had to leave by 4:30 am to get to the hospital by 6. Our drive to the hosptial was nothing out of the oridnary. It was a beautiful morning, and we just talked about how at the end of the day our lives were going to be completely different and how we were looking forward to find out if it was a boy or a girl and to finally meet this little miracle.

We arrived at the hospital checked in and was brought to my labor and delivery room. I was already 2 cm dialated. I changed and was immediately hooked up to monitors and check my blood pressure and the baby's heart beat. Everything was good. Samantha however was very active that morning. She kept kicking the monitor off of me and the nurse was in all the time putting it back on. The doctor came in at 8 to break my water and they had then decided to attach the fetal monitor to the baby's head. What a wierd feeling to have your water broken. I felt like i was constantly peeing. It wasn't that "gush" that everyone talks about. They also hooked me up to Pitocin right away as well to get things moving. For about 2 hours I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes and my back started cramping up really bad. Jim was doing the best he could to help release the pain in my back but it was going away, so I decided to get the epidural. The anestologist came in and he was such a wonderful guy. I know Jim was very interested in what he was doing. The doctor asked him if he wanted to watch the procedure and Jim asked me if it was ok. I said yes and he was very pleased. Once the medicine kicked in, I was in Seventh Heaven. My doctor came in right around this time and I was at 5 cm, so I was progressing nicely.

Since I was feeling better, Jim continued studying for his test that he had on Monday. I was sleeping here and there, and I was on the phone with family as they were all on their way down. At about 1pm, the doctor came in and said I was fully dialated, but the baby wasn't in position yet. He said he would be back in a couple of hours and see where I was at that point. He came back at 3 and the baby still hadn't moved down so he said we were going to have to do a C-section. I really didn't want to do a c-section, so I had asked him if we could wait another hour to see if things had changed. He agreed since the baby was fine and so was I. Neither of us were in any danger.

At about 4 pm, Jim's parents had arrived at the hospital. We had caught them up on what was going on. At 4:15, the doctor came in and said that everything was still the same and that we were going to have to do the c-section. I was very afraid at this point as I had never had any type of surgery before. Things started to move very quickly at this point. Jim called my mom and dad as they were still on the road and explained everything to them. Pete and Debby were back in the room and Jim was telling them what was going on. At this point, Pete and Debby went into the waiting room and everything just started happening. The anasteologist came back in and started giving me more medicine to really numb me up. I was competely numb from my toes to my chest. What a wierd feeling that was. Once everything was done, they wheeled me down the hall into the OR. They made Jim wait outside until everything was ready. I wanted him next to me so bad, but i knew it wouldn't be long. They transferred me from one bed to the other, put the curtain up and there was a lot of other things going on. I was starting to freak out a bit and was asking when Jim was coming and then I heard his voice saying I coming and I'll be right there.

A few minutes later the doctor asked if I could feel anything and I said no, and he said good because I am starting to cut. A few mintues later, they told Jim to look over the curtain as they were pulling the baby out. I heard a cry and the doctor said Jim what do we have. Jim said, "WE have a little GIRL". I said, "what, a girl. No way. Everyone thought it was a boy." It was the greatest feeling in the world. Jim was sitting next to me with Samantha Lynn, so was beautiful and so peaceful. The nurses took Samantha from Jim as they were stiching me up so they could get all of her vitals and stuff like that. Once everything was done, they wheeled me back into my room and the nurse went and got Pete and Debby out of the waiting room. They came in and Jim was holding Samantha. We asked them what they thought it was and Debby shouted "BOY!!!", I said no...its a girl...meet Samantha Lynn. I then called my mom and dad since they were still driving. Mom answered the phone and I told her that we had a little girl. She was shocked b/c she was convinced it was a boy! I heard everyone screaming in the background. They were all so surprised! Once I got off the phone with my mom and dad, Jim came by me with Samantha. I didn't want to hold her yet because I was very shaky, plus I was still very numb and I didn't want to drop her.

As I was recovering, the nurses again took Samantha into the Nursery to get her all situated and then they brought me to the post partum room for my remainder of my stay. As I got situated in my room, they brought Samantha back to me and with that, My mom, dad and Jeff got to the hospital. What an incredible feeling to have everyone around us with her. Everyone stayed with us in the hospital until about midnight and then everyone left to go to the hotel and it was Jim, Samantha and myself for a little while until the nurses took Samantha back to the nursery for the night and Jim left to go to the hotel.

Samantha you are our little miracle baby. We found out we were pregnant with you at 20 weeks and you came to us at 38 weeks. You have been nothing but surprises from the beginning. Only God knows what other little surprises are in store for us. We can't wait to see what those surprises are. We love you so much.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Shower

This past weekend we had a baby shower. It was so much fun. Everyone put so much effort into it. It was a jungle theme...go figure right. All of the tables had a different jungle animal on them. My sister, Julie, made all of the placemats...each one was different whether it was a different picture or different saying. She did such a great job. We got so many wonderful gifts. We are so thankful for everyone who came and gave a gift.

Because we had so many gifts, we filled not only my Trail Blazer, but my parents Highlander. Dad was on vacation this week, so him and mom decided on a road trip. We all drove down on Sunday and then on Monday and Tuesday while Jim was in classes, mom and dad were able to help put things together and get Baby K's room all together!

We are so thankful that they were able to come down to help. With Jim having to big tests coming up and me well not being able to move so well, it helped us so much

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I haven't updated since the 3 hour glucose test. I started off rough. It took them 7 times to find a vein to get blood. What a pain that was, but in the end, I passed it!!! Thank God! After the 2nd hour, I was back down to a normal blood sugar, so I am very happy. Everything else has been going well. Jim put the crib together a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it and love him for taking the 5 hours to put it together :) We should be receiving the dresser soon, and he is going to put that together as well.

I have been back to Chicago for a few weeks now. Getting things wrapped up with work before I head back to TN on 9/14. We are having a baby shower on 9/13. We are so excited! I am anxious to get back to TN to spend a few weeks with Jim before Baby K makes his/her grand entrance! Plus, I can't wait to get everything ready for the baby.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ultrasound and Glucose Test and more

Last week, Jim and I met my new doctor down here in TN. What a great guy he was! He spent about a 1/2 hour with us answering any questions we had. We also got to see this little miracle again. Here is Baby K at 28 weeks.
I also had my glucose test this past Monday, and I didn't pass it, so I have to go on Saturday for the 3 hour test. I have not heard many good things about this, but I am thinking positive. I am hoping that I pass this one.
I am leaving on Sunday to go back to Chicago for a month. We have our shower on Sept 13, and then Jim and I are driving back on Sept 14, and then I will be down here until Christmas :) We are preparing things for the baby. The crib should be arriving any day now and hopefully we can get it setup before I have to leave, if not, Jim will put it together by the time I get back.
Jim has started classes, and said that this year is going to be very busy! They start board reviews soon. Other than that, everything else is going well, and we are just waiting for the arrival of Baby K.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So Where Did Summer Go????

That truly is the question. This by far has been one of the busiest, but most exciting summers I can remember. It all started with this little miracle that we have coming in October. Our family and friends couldn't be happier for us. We are having so much fun planning Baby K. We have registered, and we already bought the bedding. Then we had a great trip to San Fransico, and Palm Desert and spent some time with Jim's family out there. San Fran is such a cool city. We did a lot of sight seeing, and Baby K cooperated the whole time. We had some of Jim's friends come in from TN, and we kept them busy all weekend long. From going to the Cubs vs. White Sox, BTW, GO WHITE SOX!!!! To spending the whole day in downtown Chicago going to the Sears Tower, Millenium Park, Shopping down Michigan Ave, Gino's East for pizza, and then meeting my sister and brother at Navy Pier for fireworks. That was just June. July was just as busy. From my cousin Lisa's wedding, to NASCAR weekend at Chicagoland Speedway. I can't believe summer has come to an end and that Jim starts classes again on August 4 as an OMS-II!

We have so much to look forward to for the rest of this year. Jim starts his second year, a baby shower in September, Baby K arriving in October, and finding out where Jim will be doing his 3rd and 4th year rotations. With all this, Jim and I will be together everyday from September to the end of the year. This is going to be so much fun and another adventure Jim and I will do together.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ultrasound #2

So we had our second ultrasound on Friday. We have a very active and healthy baby. We opted not to find out what the sex of the baby was. My due date did not change, so we should be expectng Baby K around October 19! We got some really good ultrasound pictures of the baby, and Jim was able to be with me the whole time. We are so thankful that Baby K is doing well. I am still feeling good. I have been walking around a lot more because I am really tired of sitting inside after I come home all the time, plus I want to stay moving around.

This weekend I spent the day with my mom and my sister. We went out and bought some clothes since this belly of mine is getting bigger by the day. So we found some pants and some shirts that will last me for a while (I hope).

This Tuesday, Jim and I are leaving for California for our last vacation before the baby comes. We are going to San Fran. and Palm Springs. We are so excited to go to Palm Springs, because we will be telling Jim's grandma she is going to be a great grandma! It will be a fun time for Jim and I, plus we are going to have a good time with family as well.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Well today has been a very interesting day. I had a doctors appointment with Dr. Williamson this afternoon as a follow up to my appointment in January. In January I was diagnosed with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome). With this, Dr. told me that I would have a hard time getting pregnant, so he put me on medication that would help if I were to get pregnant. Well like 2 days later, I was pregnant (according to the conception date), so we are figuring that this medication help me continue to stay pregnant. So I am now 5 months pregnant and my estimated due date is October 19! I know this sounds wierd that I didn't know I was pregnant, but with my past history, and being stressed during tax season, it wasn't wierd that I was getting my period. I didn't have any morning sickness or any other symptoms. So today I was going to talk to Dr. just to ask question and find out what the next step would be, and to our surprise, the pregnancy test came back postive!!!! At this point we were excited but yet nervous all at the same time b/c we didn't know how far along i was. I ha ven't gain much weight, but the baby is healthy. We had an ultrasound done and all the measurements came in fine. We are very excited.
Baby K at 20.5 weeks!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So a lot has been going on since the last post. Tax season is complete. I didn't get to see Jim to much, but we are together now, so that is good. Jim has only a week left of his first year....can you believe it...I can't. Last weekend we had the 1st annual DCOM Spring Gala. We had a lot of fun. It was held at the Hilton in Knoxville. Jim and I decided to get a room at the hotel for the night, so that was nice as well. The Gala was nice. They also had a Casino held at the same time. Each student/guest received $25,000 in fake money to use, at the end of the night the money was turned into tickets for raffle prizes. Things that were up for raffle were a Kroger gift card, a Mars chocolate basket, purse, overnight bag, and the big prize was a 52 plasma TV. That is were all of our tickets went to.

Jim and I have schedule a vacation to San Fransico for the summer. We are going in June for a week...it will be a lot of fun to get away by ourselves. We are also meeting a student that is going to part part of DCOM 2012, so that will be fun. Then we are going to Palm Springs to spend some time with Jim's grandma and Uncle.