Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday to my Tank!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy!
I can't believe you are 2 already!  Where has the time gone.  This year for your birthday mommy & daddy made you a cake and put Buzz Lightyear on there since you are in LOVE with Toy Story!  Oma & Papa came to Michigan for Halloween and went trick or treating with you and then on your birthday Oma, Papa, Samantha and mommy went to Red Robin for your birthday dinner.  Daddy had to leave that morning for a conference in San Francisco.  We had a laid back type of day and you had fun playing and hanging out with family.  You were so happy when we sang Happy Birthday we had to light the candle 4 times before the song was over because you kept blowing it out.
Nicholas Fun Fact
Weight: 32 lbs 94%
Height: 35.5 in 78%
Favorite Movie: Toy Story & Monsters Inc.
Favorite Food: Waffles, chicken & apples
Favorite Toy: Buzz Lightyear
love being outside, going to the park & riding in the dune buggy
We still rely heavy on your sign language since you are still not talking too much.  Mommy for the most part always knows what you want.  We have started speech therapy now for a couple of months.  You have a couple of words, mom, no & papa.  You are starting to make more sounds.  You are paci free since 21 months and have been sleeping in your big car bed since 16 months.  You love listening to music & dancing and watching movies.  This past year has been amazing.  I have watched you grow and develop into a wonderful sweet little boy.  You love playing with Samantha and you guys play so well together.  There are many things I'm missing but I know i have plenty of pictures to show you what your 2 year was like.  Can't wait to see what God has in store for you in this next year.  Love you to the moon & back my little buddy!