Monday, November 17, 2008

One month doctors appointment

Samantha had her one month doctors appointment on Friday. Jim and I both went so Jim could meet the doctor and see where the office was. Her appointment went very well. She has grown a 1/4 of inch and has gained 2 lbs, so she is at 10 lbs even! I'm so happy to see that she is gaining weight and is growing! She was so good for the doctor and so good in the car to and from the doctor considering it's and hour and half drive. We scheduled her appointment for next month for her shots. I am not looking forward to those at all, but Jim will be coming with me once again.
On another note, Samantha has been sleeping through the night. She is going down between 10 and 11 and wakes up about 6. It has been great to get a long stretch of sleep!

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Heaven Sent said...

I can't believe she is 1 month already! And sleeping! Enjoy, my friend, before those teeth start coming. And never seem to stop!!!!