Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9 Months

So where has nine months gone? It has brought many things to mind. We had our little girl Samantha, Jim has finished his 2nd year of medical school, taken STEP 1 of COMLEX, I have lost my job, Jim started his rotations and we moved into a new home. A lot has gone on, but one thing remains, the love we all have for each other.

Samantha is nine months old already! I can't even believe it. She is getting so big. She is crawling like crazy, cruisng along the couch and anything else she can. She is walking behind some toys. She has such a wonderful personailty. She is always happy. Right before her 9 month birthday she said Ma Ma...I was so excited! She is 20lbs and 27 inches.

She brings so much joy to everyone. My mom, myself and Samantha are going to Florida in a couple of weeks to see Samantha's great oma and great great oma. I'm so excited...5 generations...what a cool picture that is going to be.

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