Monday, February 8, 2010

All on her own!

So Friday night, Jim and I decided to go to Applebees for dinner with Samantha. As we are sitting there, I'm starting to feed Samantha "her food" and she grabs the spoon from me and starts feeding herself!!! I was shocked...I mean she knows how to pick up food and put in her mouth and occasionally she will get something on her fork but for the most part she just uses her fingers. She ate the whole container of sweet potatoes on her own! So we decided to then order her Mac and Cheese from the kids menu. She ate that too! All of it with a fork!!! She is getting so big. I joke that she doesn't need me anymore to help her with things, but I know she will always need me. It just she is going through all of these big milestones and I feel like she is growing up so fast. I thing I do know is that daughters ALWAYS need there mothers and I want Samantha to know that I will always be there for her.

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{ang} said...

Noo! She is not that big already! But, yes, she will always need her Mama!