Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Ready!!

I'm ready for this whole medical school thing to be over
I'm ready to find out where Jim will be doing is residency
I'm ready to have a house of my own again
I'm ready to be able to live our life as a family
I'm ready to be settled in a place that I know I won't have to pick up and move again in a year
I'm ready to be the mom to Samantha I know I can be
I'm ready to stop stressing out over all of the little things
I'm ready to be the wife to Jim I used to be
I'm ready to find out if this is all really worth it
I'm ready to sell the condo and move onto something else
I'm ready for our lives to start
I'm ready to start living


Heather said...

agreed! we are so close,aren't we!? Hang in there sweetie!

Sheila Marti said...

me, too!