Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

What a blessed Christmas we had this year! It was so much fun to see Samantha open presents and have a good time with her cousins. Christmas Eve started off going to church and then going over to my parents house with Grandpa and the Workmans. It was such a nice night. Dinner, and presents and great conversations with everyone. Samantha had such a fun time with cousin Emily. They played together the whole night. Samantha got a laptop from Leap Frog from Aunt Beth & Uncle Bob! She LOVES it!!!! She played with it all night long!!! After everyone left, we opened up presents with my family! Samantha had so much fun handing out presents to everyone. Samantha got a grocery cart from Auntie JuJu and Uncle Matt, Sit and Spin from Uncle Jeff and a big house from Oma & Papa! She was in heaven! We stayed at my parents till about 1230am drove home.When we got home we left crackers & orange juice for Santa...that is what Samantha wanted to give him. She was so excited and didn't want to go to sleep so we told her Santa was on the roof and that she needed to go to sleep before Santa would come in the house! She was out in no time. We woke her up on Christmas morning and she was so happy that Santa came! So we opened up presents from Pete & Debby she got a Dora tent, some dvd's, a couple of games. She had so much fun opening presents. Her present from Jim and I was a kitchen set! It is so cool looking! I can't wait until Jim puts it together! After we opened presents we then went to my mom & dad's and spent the day with them and Uncle Ron, Aunt Liz, Don, Megan & Peter! Samantha and Peter have so much fun together! Her laugh makes everyone want to laugh when she is with him! Samantha got a drum, and a few more other musical instruments! She loves them! We went back to Pete & Debby's later that night and she played with her other cousins. It was so cute...Debby & Aunt Marilee got the kids monkey pj's and matching slippers. They all looked so cute!
All in all it was a great Christmas! We have so much to be thankful for again! I hope that everyone had a Blessed Christmas


Sheila Marti said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! So glad that you were able to enjoy all the family and that Samantha got into the spirit of the season. Looking forward to catching up with you real soon! Girls Weekend is just a short month away!

Renee' said...

Your Christmas sounds like it was wonderful!