Monday, January 10, 2011

Final Stretch

This time when Jim left was the hardest by far! As he was packing his car on Saturday night, Samantha was having a total melt down saying, "Daddy, I coming too" and would climb into the front seat of his car. Saturday night, Jim wouldn't put Samantha down. She even slept with us the whole night because he wanted her right now to him. She loves her daddy so much.
On Sunday morning as he was getting ready she was getting nervous that Jim was leaving. We decided that Samantha and I would leave and go to church like we normally do on Sunday mornings, just Jim wouldn't be going with us. I think it worked out for the best. Samantha didn't have a total melt down, just Jim and I did. I hate saying good-bye, or see you soon.
I'm ready for school to be done and for us to be our little family of 3 again...full-time. It's been so good over the last 8 months all being together everyday. I just hate the fact that he needs to be back in TN to do these rotations. I just don't understand why these couldn't have been done up here, but they couldn't. I know we will get through these next 4 months and so much is going to happen over these next few months. I just wish we were all together, but I know we will all be ok. Samantha will talk on the phone with Jim everynight before she goes to sleep and hopefully we will be able to skype. We will see Jim in a couple of weeks when Samantha and I go and meet up with the girls in Gatlinburg and then we will see him in February when we find out where we will be for residency! We are in final stretch!


Renee' said...

I am so sorry you and Samantha have to spend these next 4 months without Jim. Hopefully it will fly by. We are almost done!!! YAY!!

Heather said...

ugh, Jen I know how you are feeling. In fact reading your blog post gave me a sense of panic, anxiety and sadness....I too HATE being alone during these rotatations! I can't wait for our family to be together all the time as normal families are. I find keeping myself very busy helps move the time along. Just think..a few more weeks until girls weekend-- something to definitely look forward to. You hang in there and PLEASe call anytime if you want to talk, whine, cry... :) I'm here for ya! :)

Sheila Marti said...

Man, I know it's difficult that Jim is away but just keep your chin up. Everyone is right- it's going to fly by. Winter hibernation is in progress, girls weekend is just a couple weeks away, spring will melt the snow and then graduation will be here! Plus, SKYPE will be a great tool for you all to feel closer.
See you two soon- can't wait.
Plus, I'm super excited for Kai and Sam have each other to play together!