Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house??

There is now!!! Dr. James Ronald Kowalczyk!!! I'm so proud of you Jim!

What a crazy busy graduation week we had! On Wednesday, my mom, dad, Samantha and myself drove down to TN. This was probably the worst drive Samantha has had driving. She cried for the first 4 HOURS!!! It was horrible. She sure was happy when she saw daddy though! Wednesday night we checked into the hotel went out to dinner and went swimming in the pool! Samantha LOVED the pool! I knew she would, but was a little afraid because she is used to sitting in the kiddie pool. Luckily there were steps that she sat on and played with her Mermaid Barbie.

Thursday, I got up with Jim and drove with him to school and listened to the options we are going to have to repay his $1,000,000 in student loans. It's crazy how much medical school is and yes I'm kidding with the $1,000,000, but it sure feels like that much! It was very informative and I think we know what to do now! After that, it was the awards ceremony. It was a great ceremony. Jim recieved the Emergency Medicine award! So proud of him! After the awards ceremony we drove back to Morristown to get ready for the dance that the school sponsered in LaFollette. We had almost a 2 hour drive to get there. It was at a was like Tennessee meets Vegas! It was really nice inside. Other than it being a little warm in there, we had a great time! All day, my parents had Samantha and boy did she get the attention from them all day. They spent about 3 hours at a park, went to lunch, took a nap, went swimming, went to dinner and back swimming.

Friday, Jim headed to school again for graduation practice and BBQ. While he was there, my parents, Samantha and I went to the park, Chick-Fil-A for lunch and took a nice nap. Once Jim got back, my sister and brother were almost there and so were Jim's parents and brother! Everyone got there and we went to dinner! It's so nice that all of our families get along so well! After dinner we all got in our bathing suits again and went swimming for a couple hours! Samantha got a little more daring and decided to start jumping off the stairs and go under water! I was a little nervous about it, but I was there to catch her for every jump!

Saturday was FINALLY graduation!!!! What an awesome experience that was! It's so hard to put into words the feelings you feel when you watch your husband walk in and then walk across stage and hear...Dr. James Ronald Kowalczyk for the first time and get hooded! I just know how hard Jim has worked to get to where he is today! Samantha was so good during the graduations. She sat on Auntie JuJu's lap and read through the program many times and had some yummy snacks to eat along the way! Saturday night we drove out to Knoxville and went to Calhouns for dinner! It was so yummy! When we got back to the hotel we went back in the pool for a couple hours again!

What a great weekend we had! I'm so proud of my husband! Now on to the next step! Residency! Here we go again!

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