Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crazy Conversations with Samantha

I have a bunch of things Samantha has said lately that I don't want to forget because one day she will be able to read these and laugh!

Conversation between Samantha (S), my mom (O) and I at Max & Erma's for her birthday dinner
S: Mommy I have to poop
I: Really Samantha? Can you wait until we get home?
S: No, I REALLY have to go poop
I: You promise you have to go.
S: Yes, mommy I REALLY have to go
Usually when she says that in a restaurant she just wants to wash her hands. This time we go into the bathroom. She hops on the toliet and proceeds to start pooping. All of a sudden she starts wiggling on the toliet.
I: Samantha why are you dancing on the toliet?
S: Mommy, I'm wiggling my poop out...it's stuck.
I: Well you just wiggle it out then
S: I'm wiggling again...its all out...I'm done!

Conversation in the car with Samantha while driving to her 3 yr wellness checkup

S: Mommy the doctor can't touch me today
I: Why not? He has to check your heart, back, arms, legs
S: Well the doctor can't check my front butt.
I: Your front butt?
S: My front butt...that would be wierd
I guess she has gone with me to too many of my OB visits.

Conversation with Samantha about Auntie JuJu and Samantha's visit to the Palos Park Fest

S: Mommy , Auntie JuJu took me to see mascots. I don't like Mascots...they scare me. Auntie JuJu you need to say your sorry.

I: Samantha I'm sure Auntie JuJu didn't mean to scare you

S: she did

So now everytime she see a mascot, she tells me that Auntie JuJu scared her and that she didn't like the mascost and they scare her and she doesn't want to go back.

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