Sunday, April 28, 2013


What a month April has been!  With this winter being pretty uneventful April made up for that!  Starting in the beginning of the month my back started hurting and I just figured I tweeked it or just did too much.  The pain wasn't getting any better and I ended up in the ER not once, but twice!  Had to get pain meds both times along with a CT & MRI.  Turns out I had 2 herniated disks on L4 L5 S1.  Not fun at all.  In the meantime I had called my mom and she drove here and stayed with us for a week to help out with the kids and stuff around the house since Jim was working a ton of hours and wasn't going to be home much.  I think I'm on the mend adn is happy I can start moving around more. 
The kids were so good during this time!  Samantha was such a huge help during this time.  She is such a good girl and loves to help me!  She is turing into quite the young little lady.  She still has her sense of humor, sass, and an overall awesome personality!  School has been good for her this month, but she told me that she is bored and ready to move to a harder class.  She is doing very well writing all of her letters  and writing her full name!  We have been working on her knowing her phone number and address as well.  This spring has proved again that Samantha LOVES being outside!  She loves playing in her sand & dirt.  She has learned how to pump her legs on the swings and can get herself pretty high!
Nicholas is doing well too.  He is such a boy!  He loves his trucks, cars and a little princess here and there thanks to Samantha!  He LOVES being outside and hates when we have to come in for lunch or nap.  He loves going down the slides at the park and loves the swing!  He is still eating like a champ!
Jim has been busy this month in the ER, but is still loving every second of it!
I've just been keeping up with my mom duties!  Ready for summer to be here so we don't have to rush every morning to get ready for school!  I'm ready for the pool & ice cream truck & summer night fires! 

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