Thursday, January 23, 2014

Conversations with Samantha

these are a few conversation that either I have had with Samantha or I have overheard Samantha have with other people.

Me: Samantha what do you want to be when you grow up?
Samantha: I want to be a doctor like my dad.
Me: what type of doctor?
Samantha: a resident.

Girl at park:  What does your dad do for a job?
Samantha: My dad is a famous doctor
Girl at park:  oh dad is not famous

This was a conversation Samantha had with Jim while taking a bath with Nicholas
Samantha: Daddy was does Nicholas' front butt stick out?
Jim:  That's just how God made boys
Samantha: looks funny.

Samantha:  Mommy do you know where milk comes from?
Me:  No...where Samantha?
Samantha:  Mommy it comes from the cow's butt thing that sticks down.
Me:  Oh really
Samantha:  Yeah.  I wish I could get milk out of my butt
Oh this girl cracks me up!

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Sheila Marti said...

She's so funny! I love that you are writing these Samantha-isms! It will be fun to read them together with her one day.