Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Samantha

Happy 6th Birthday to my dearest Samantha
I can't believe you are 6 already.  Where has the time gone?  I look back at these last 6 years and we have had so much fun already!  This year you asked to have a Frozen themed birthday party with some of your friends.  We invited 6 of your friends and we had a great party.  Oma surprised us and Auntie JuJu was planning on coming already.  You had a great time with your friends.  You and your friends bounced in the bounced house, ate lunch (hot dogs, blue jigglers like ice blocks, cheese puffs life Olaf's nose, and chex mix for Sven reindeer mix), decorated snowflake cookies, pin the carrot on Olaf, freeze dance and we had a pinata.  You had so much fun, it was fun to see the joy in your eyes!
You are now in full day Kindergarten.  You are at Grant Elementary in Mrs. Sutton class.  You are enjoying it very much.  The first couple weeks were rough.  We both were having separation anxiety from each other, but once you got into the routine things were so much better.  You are doing really well with your reading and writing.  It is so much fun to hear what you have done during your day when you come home. You will be starting gymnastics soon too!
You are a wonderful big sister to your brother.  Although sometimes you get frustrated with him because he can't use all of his words, you are the one that communicates the best with him.  He loves you to pieces and you love him just as much!

Year 6 fun facts
Height: 51 inches
Weight: 49 lbs.
Favorite Show: Sofia the First
Favorite Movie: Frozen

You still love playing dress up and playing with your American Girl Dolls.  You have also become very creative and love doing Rainbow Looms, and drawing pictures of your family and friends.  You love to cook and bake with daddy and I.
God has truly blessed your daddy and I with you Samantha.  We love you so much and continue to want the best for you.  Love you so much!

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