Thursday, October 11, 2007


It is official, I am moving down to TN November 1! The condo still hasn't sold yet, but this long distance crap is for the birds. We are moving into a house that is 2 miles from the school. Now Jim won't have an hour drive everyday to and from school everyday. We will be able to spend more time together as well. This could not have worked out more perfectly. I got the final ok from work last week that I will be working remotely from TN and travel back up to Chicago once a month. Also, the house that we are currently renting the lady who owns it sold it last weekend, so we had to move out anyways. We have been planning on moving out of there for the last few weeks.

Jim took his second round of test last week and did very well on them. He was anywhere from 2 to 13 points higher then the average of the class. He is really in his element and is working very hard. He is also a student ambassordor, so twice during the year, he will be able to take interviewees around campus and tell them about the school. He is really excited for that!

Next weekend, my parents, Jim's parents and myself are traveling down to DCOM for Jim's white coat ceremony. We are so excited for that. I will update after that and explain and hopefully post some pictures.

Well that is it for now. Jim should be updating everyone on how is progress is going.

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