Sunday, May 18, 2008


So a lot has been going on since the last post. Tax season is complete. I didn't get to see Jim to much, but we are together now, so that is good. Jim has only a week left of his first year....can you believe it...I can't. Last weekend we had the 1st annual DCOM Spring Gala. We had a lot of fun. It was held at the Hilton in Knoxville. Jim and I decided to get a room at the hotel for the night, so that was nice as well. The Gala was nice. They also had a Casino held at the same time. Each student/guest received $25,000 in fake money to use, at the end of the night the money was turned into tickets for raffle prizes. Things that were up for raffle were a Kroger gift card, a Mars chocolate basket, purse, overnight bag, and the big prize was a 52 plasma TV. That is were all of our tickets went to.

Jim and I have schedule a vacation to San Fransico for the summer. We are going in June for a will be a lot of fun to get away by ourselves. We are also meeting a student that is going to part part of DCOM 2012, so that will be fun. Then we are going to Palm Springs to spend some time with Jim's grandma and Uncle.

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