Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Know You're Married to a Student Doctor When...

…you open up your sewing box and find sutures
…you can’t watch a medical show without hearing complaints about everything they are doing wrong
…you can’t be in the bathroom when he/she is washing their hands without getting sprayed by the “doctor shake” when they are done
…you tell him/her that they are getting on your last nerve and they draw an accurate picture of a nerve with a little stick person on it
…you find yourself constantly washing scrubs and white coats
…your house is littered with office supplies bearing the names of various pharmaceuticals
…you can’t complain of a scratchy throat without having a tongue depressor shoved in your mouth and your spouse looking at you from behind a tiny light
…Your spouse brings home a speculum to use you for practice and it constitutes as "date night".…You catch your spouse practicing surgical knots on the garbage bag ties
.…You are getting an epidural during labor and your husband wants to watch
.…You are undergoing a c-section and as they are sewing you back up your husband says, "Cool, I can see your intestines!"
…our parents ask what you want for Christmas and you tell them things you need not want
.....The word "holiday" indicates the weekend after exams to you fall asleep alone night after night but always wake up to a man next to you smelling like formaldehyde
....Caffeine is a staple food in your pantry
...your spouse recites anatomical terms in his sleep know that in theory, you have a spouse but you can't place the last time you saw them
.....You've never had problems before, but 6 months into med school you're on an anti-depressant, an anti-anxiolytic and sleep medication
.....You've thought something like "what's another $20,000 in student loans?"
....your spouse thinks"AWESOME!" if someone keels over in front of you.


Ang and Ben said...

LOL. Just think, this is just from the first two years...I wonder how many more we'll come up with during rotations?!

Eric and Darcy said...

So true!! I had to get Eric to read this. Very funny! I think I'm going to share this with the other med students' wives!

Heather said...

Ah yes, this is our life! So hilarious!