Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Wow...it has been a couple of very busy months. Tax season is in full swing, which means I spend most of my time in Chicago. Samantha has been such a trooper through all of this so far. We have had a couple of plane rides and she sleeps the whole time, which makes me very happy and I'm sure the people around me very happy too.

Samantha has learned a lot of new things over the last month. She smiles all the time, she can pick up a toy and bring it to her mouth, she has mastered rolling over from her back to her stomach, giggles, and might I add it is the cutest giggle ever, and she is eating cereal.

She is growing big and strong. At her 4 month appointment she was 15lbs 6oz and 24 in.

February, I knew was going to be a busy month. I did spend most of my time in Chicago which made it hard on Jim because he didn't see his girls for almost 3 weeks. But I knew February was going to be the hardest. We will see him for most of March and then tax season is almost over!

On to other news, we are in the process of looking for a new home in Morristown. It is very exciting and it is coming at the right time because with all of Samantha's toys, we don't know where to go with anything anymore. We will be moving in May sometime. Needless to say we are very excited.

School is going well for Jim. He is almost done with his 2nd year! I can't believe how time flies. In June, he will be taking STEP 1 of the COMLEX and USMLE. He then has a couple weeks as a break and then rotations begin!

Samantha for her 4 month Dr. visit

Samantha and Daddy studying :)

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Ang said...

I'm dying over the scrubs!!! Sooo Cute!