Monday, November 16, 2009

Cardiology - Check

Jim finished his cardiology rotation at Ingham Regional Hospital in Lansing, MI. He LOVED it, and this is a field he is seriously considering. I am so proud of him. He did really well and he enjoyed every minute of it. He came home on the weekends to help me out with Samantha and let me sleep on the weekends because she was pretty sick for two weeks. She got some viral infection that seemed to last FOREVER! Then Samantha and I drove up to Lansing to visit Jim. One of Jim's professors at LMU-DCOM let him live in his house during the month, so Samantha and I could come up and visit. It was such a great time. Samantha and I drove up on Friday, so we got there just after Jim got home from the hospital and then went out to dinner. Then on Saturday we drove up to Frankenmuth, MI. This was great! There was a Christmas store that we spent 3 hours in!!! We got some great ornaments and Samantha her Christmas stocking! After that we walked around the was beautiful. It was already decorated for Christmas and Samantha just loved looking at the lights and the people around. We had such a good time. On Sunday we just relaxed at the house let Samantha play all day and then on Monday morning Samantha and I drove back to Chicago. So all in all it was a great rotation for Jim, and I think he is getting a better understanding of what type of doctor he wants to be. He really enjoyed this rotation and everyone was so helpful and wanted to help Jim. I am so thankful for everyone that is helping Jim make his dream come true.

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