Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here's to a new year!

Happy new year...about a month late!

Well here is to a happy and healthy 2010! 2009 was a challenge. I lost my job in April, and Jim was starting his 3rd year in medical school. We were both shocked and confused, but in the end it has worked out 100%.
Goals for 2010:
1. Lose weight for Julie's (my sisters) wedding in October 23, 2010.
2. We sell the condo
3. Jim conquers and passes STEP 2 of COMLEX and PE
4. Start and catch up with Samantha scrapbook
5. We start talking about adding a little sister or brother for Samantha (also reason why goal 1 is in place)

I think this is a good list to start with. I know as the year progresses, goals will come and goals will change.

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