Thursday, April 1, 2010

3rd Year Almost Complete!!

As we continue on with this wonderful journey called medical school, I can't believe Jim's 3rd year is almost complete. Only 2 more months and it's done! Jim just has 2 months of IM left of his cores and then he moves on. Over the last few months Jim has completed OB/GYN, Surgery, Psych, and Peds. He has enjoyed all of them, but he still continues to want to do either Cardiology or Emergency Medicine. He is actually looking into getting certified in both since he can't decide what he wants to do.
He has almost all of his 4th year rotations scheduled. Almost all of them are in Chicago with a couple of them in Michigan. Jim is taking STEP II of COMLEX and the PE exam in July and then he can start applying for residency. I'm so excited for the next year in our lives. We are hoping that he can get residency in Chicago so we can be back with all our famiy and friends again!

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