Thursday, April 8, 2010


He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!!
This Easter was different than the others. It was Samantha and I up in Chicago. Jim had just finished a rotation and couldn't come up becuase the next one started on Monday. So I wasn't sure what Easter was going to entail for me. I usually go to Good Friday service, but this year I opted out. I didn't want to put Samantha in nursery, as she doesn't do very well in there, and I stayed and spent time with my brother, Jeff and his girlfriend Allison and we made the desserts for Easter. I did go Easter morning with Samantha. It was a wonderful service. I always feel uplifted everytime I leave. The rest of the day consisted of being at my in-laws and everyone was over for dinner and then we had the annual Easter Egg Hunt with the entire Kiers family! What a blast that is. Since Jim wasn't there, Auntie Ju Ju helped Samantha find eggs. There were hundreds of eggs. Some with candy and some with notes to get prizes that didn't fit. Samantha got, bubbles, princess pillow, Easter beenie baby, some DVD's & books.

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She's gotten so tall!