Thursday, May 13, 2010

19 months

Over this last month, Samantha has been talking more and more and even starting to put sentences together. She is always so polite saying please and thank you. She is still siging for things even though she knows how to speak them now. Her sleep patterns are still irregular at night, but we have been traveling a lot now so I don't mind her sleeping with me anymore. She is such a cuddle bug and sleeps well. She really is such a happy baby and a good baby. She adapts to anything and everything! There were even a few days that we were really busy that she didn't even nap and she just kept going with the flow. Over the last month, she has almost learned how to ride her tricycle. It's almsot there. A little more practice and I'm sure she has it! Some of her new phrases include:
- i don't know
- where she/he go?
- i know
- bath please
- fishy eat
- no thank you
On other news, Jim is almost done with his 3rd year!!! So exciting! He has one more rotation in TN and at the end of June we officially make the move back to Chicago! I'm so excited. We will be living with my in-laws for the next year as Jim does various rotations in Chicago and in Michigan and then he will be back in TN next year for a couple of rotations. The end is almost near and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter each day! We are so proud of him.
Samantha & Uncle Jeff on his graduation day
My brother Jeff graduated this past weekend from Olivet Nazerne University with his degree in Criminal Justice. He is still in the process of looking for a job, but I know God has something wonderful in store for him. The perfect job will come along. My sister's wedding is getting close only a few more months away. She has picked up her dress and the bridesmaid dresses are now in too! She has almost finished registering. This summer is going to be CRAZY, but it is going to be so much fun!!!

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Kitten said...

"Bath please" is my favorite. So adorable!