Friday, March 18, 2011


So Samantha had her first surgery this past Tuesday. She had a thyroidglossal duct cyst removed from her neck. Our doctor, Dr. Lyon was wonderful. She was so througho in her explaination of everything from beginning to end. We got to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL at 630am and checked in. Samantha was in her princess monkey pj with a cute little bow in her hair holding her blanket and little rabbit my sister gave her. We got all checked in and she was brought to her room where we changed her into her little gown and socks. She looked so cute in them. My mom and dad met us at the hospital so they could see her before they brought her into surgery. As we were waiting, the nurses brought over a wagon for Samantha to go for a ride in. They put a bunch of warm blankets in there. Samantha was the little princess of the floor. My mom took her around the floor and she was propped up in the wagon with her pillow pet and her book just looking around and saying hi to everyone who passed her way. Around 715 am, the anestisalogist came in to ask questions. At that point they asked about Samantha's seperation anxiety and it has been pretty strong again so they gave Samantha some Versad. It took about 5 mintues for it to kick in and when it did it was pretty funny. Her head started moving back and forth and she was laughing so hard it. We put her little cap on put her in the crib and they took her off to surgery.

Surgery we were told was going to last about 2 hours. Much to our surprise after an hour, it was done. Dr. Lyon came in with the cyst in a jar to show up what it looked like. It was the size of about 2 marbles and had fistulas all over it. Dr. Lyon told us it was a textbook surgery and that there were no complications and everything went great! Thank you Jesus! I was then called to go into recovery and wait for Samantha to wake up. Only one person was allowed in there and I just sat next to her crib and rubbed her back. She slept for an hour in recovery and the moved her back into her room. As we brought her back into her room she woke up and was very confused. Once she figured out where she was at she was good. She sat on my lap and had 2 cups of apple juice and a sucker (it was the first thing she said to my mom, Oma, when she saw her). "Oma can I have a sucker please." How can you say no? We weren't sure how long we were going to be there, so my mom and dad left around 1130 and we got released around noon.
We got home from the doctor and went and laid right in bed and watched cartoons. She was very hungry she told us. She ate 3 pieces of toast with just a little butter. I didn't want her to get sick from the medicine that was in that little body of hers. She took a little bit of pain medicine and then we took a 3 hour nap together. She did so good all day. That was the last time she took pain medicine. This girl must have a high tolerance for pain because she only took Motrin the day of surgery. Wednesday morning we went for day 1 post op and the doctor said that everything went great and everything looked good. We just had to keep the incision dry and keep her calm all week.
I can't believe how well she did before, during and after the surgery. Today we went and had the bandage taken off and the stiches taken out. You can see that it was really bruised around the area and its getting better. The incision looks great and I couldn't be happier with the way everything turn out!

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