Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Match Day

Match day has arrived and boy were we SHOCKED!!! About 830am Jim had received an email and he opened it up not knowing what it was going to say. We were told that we had to log on to the ERAS website around noon and it would be posted on there as to where we matched. So Jim opened up the email and to our surprise, Jim matched in EM at Botsford Hospital...WHAT??? Jim thought for sure he matched at St. James in Olympia Fields, IL...15 mintues from the condo we still haven't sold. Jim was like what happened? Did I screw up the rank list? Did I get confused with someone else? What happened? So Jim emailed the program director and found out that it was an extrememly competive year and we just didn't make it. Jim had great board scores and great GPA the only thing he had against his was that he wasn't a CCOM student. So after much crying and wondering why, we are going to Farmington Hills, MI. This was always a hospital Jim LOVED. After doing an EM rotation there in October, Jim had said had Botsford been in Chicago, he would have a very hard time choosing which hospital to choose. He loves the program director and the residents that are there. So for the next 4 years, we will be living in Farmington Hills, MI. I'm so proud of Jim for matching at a great program in the field that he wants to be in. So if we have to be in Michigan for 4 years and then move back to Chicago, I'm ok with it. It will go by so fast! So off to Michigan we go in June!

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Renee' said...

I know it was disappointing... Jason and I went through the same thing when we got our second choice. Jason had all the same thoughts that Jim did... But we know that God has a plan for our lives. I know God has a plan for you guys as well. I hope that you have a smooth transition, and you find great housing! I will be praying for you guys!