Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Samantha's Happenings

I haven't updated on Samantha in a while, and I want to remember this stage very well! She is so much fun right now.


This girl can talk. She talks from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to bed. I wonder where she gets that from? She is definetaly my daughter :)
She holds conversations on the phone with family members and its so cute. She walks around the house talking to them and showing them things as if the person on the other side of the phone can see what she is showing them.

Her favorite phrases right now
Are you kidding me?
Let's go outside!
Let's go to the park!
I'm hungry!

She knows her alphabet and has for quite some time now. She also can reconginze all of her letters. She can also reconginze basic shapes - circle, square, triangle, star.

The girl loves to sing too! When driving in the car she always ask to have her music on. She loves her Bible songs and sings them so cute and even does action with them. If I start singing with her, she tells me not to sing :(


It's getting better slowly. Breakfast is usually cereal, waffles, bagel, or pancakes usually one of the paired with a yogurt or a banana. Lunch is very sparatic. She usually doesn't eat lunch and if she does its generally peanut butter and jelly. Dinner is where we are trying new things. For the last year she never really ate dinner with us because we always ate so late and she was usually ready for bed at that time. She usually eats chicken, mac n cheese, quesidilla, and sometimes pasta. She loves applesauce - homemade of course. She loves yogurt, and ice cream. She also loves her chocolate...she really is my daughter :)


She loves to play. She has tea parties with her babies. She loves feeding her babies, changing their diapers and talking them shopping and on walks. She plays with her kitchen and cooks many different things. She colors, but is not one of her favorites. She loves reading and making up her own stories and loves when we read to her.
When outside, she loves to play on her slide, with her water table, and sand table. We love to go to the park and she plays very well with the other kids! She also LOVES the water...loves the pool!!
She is completely potty trained...thank you Jesus!!!
I'm sure there is plenty I'm missing, but at least this is a start for me to remember this stage.


Sheila Marti said...

Yay, way to go Samantha! Kai sends a big "hello" for you.

Renee' said...

YEAH!! No more diapers...at least for now!