Friday, July 29, 2011

1 down 47 to go!

Jim is finishing up his first month of residency! We got through it! He started off with IM, so his schedule was pretty set. He got to the hospital around 6am M-F and was home anywhere from 5pm-7pm unless he was House Officer or was on call that day. He only worked one weekend and it just so happened we were in Chicago that weekend so it worked out great! He really enjoyed this month getting into the swing of things. It sounded like he had a great group of residents and doctors to work with. I hope this enthusiasm keeps continuing! At least I know this next month it will as its EM. He has a pretty nice schedule this month too, although a lot of afternoon/night shifts are coming, but I think we can handle it :)
Samantha and I are getting into our own routine again as well. Usually starts out with breakfast and a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we then either go out in the backyard to play or walk down to the park and play there for an hour or so. We come home eat lunch and then Samantha goes down for a nap, occasionally I will lay down with her too. Usually last around 2 hours :) After she wakes up we either go down in the basement and play or go outside. Once I know Jim is on his way home, I usually start dinner unless I know its going to be a late night and then Samantha and I eat once I know she is getting hungry. After dinner is usually bath time and then she plays either in her room and she colors and reads books. Bedtime some days can't come soon enough. We have packed days, but it keeps the days moving fast! I can't believe one month is down. Only 47 more to go until residency is over :)

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Kitten said...

hahah! I love that you're counting down the months until it's all over with! Hilarious. :)