Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mickey Mouse and Church

This past Sunday in church, Samantha was reading the Bible during the sermon. She is always good in church and NEVER wants to go to nursery. So as she was reading she was talking very quiet, but I could understand her a little bit. She started out in the beginning saying that Mickey Mouse and Minnie opened their garden to all the people. As she was going through all the pages, she was telling her story. At one point I heard her talking about Jake and the Pirates, and Barney. As she was getting to the end of the Bible and she was in Revelations, she said that they all lived happily ever after in Heaven.
I guess she does pay attention to me reading her, her Bible and pays attention in church. The other thing that makes me laugh in church is that when our Pastor starts talking, she usually stops talking right away because she says that it's God talking. A few weeks ago when we were there, our Pastor had told a joke during the sermon and Samantha told my mom and I that God was funny, and a few people around us heard her and all started laughing too. Let me tell you that girl has a sense of humor!

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AmandaK said...

Too cute, Samantha does have a little sense of humor. I would have loved the hear her version of the bible with Minnie and Mickey and even Barney.