Thursday, October 3, 2013

All I want for Christmas is my 2 bottom teeth...

Probably around middle of August Samantha said her 2 bottom teeth were hurting a little.  Jim and I just said she probably ate something that hurt them and that they would be ok.  One night she comes running out of her room a couple hours after sleeping tell us her teeth were loose.  Sure enough her 2 bottom teeth were loose!  Time went on and each day they were looser & looser.  Well the 1st tooth came out Sept 21 at my brother's wedding!  All of a sudden Samantha is crying and blood is coming out of her mouth.  Jim took her in the bathroom because this is all happening while my mom & brother are dancing!  After the tooth was out and the blood was gone Samantha was as happy as could be!  She walked around telling everyone that her 1st tooth was gone!  She told me that the Tooth Fairy doesn't come to hotels so when we got home then the Tooth Fairy was going to come!  So when we got home from Indy, that night we put her tooth in her tooth pillow and put it on the counter in the kitchen!  She was so excited that next morning to see the Tooth Fairy came and brought her $5 and a book!
On October 1, Samantha & Nicholas were downstairs playing and all of a sudden Samantha comes running upstairs telling me she lost her other tooth!  Sure enough it was in her hand and no bleeding was going on!  She was so excited that the Tooth Fairy was coming again!  So now my not even 5 year old has 2 teeth gone already!  She is growing up so fast!

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