Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Princess Samantha

Happy Birthday Princess!  You truly had a magical 5th birthday this year!  This year we traveled to Chicago a few days before your birthday and celebrated with Papa (oma was in Florida with great oma because she needed help) Auntie JuJu & Uncle Awesome!  You got some pretty cool gifts from them.  You got some clothes, The Little Mermaid DVD, Jessie from Toy Story, and money for your trip to Disney!  A couple days later, Mimi, Daddy, Nicholas, you & I all hopped in a big limo and drove to the airport for your much anticipated trip to DISNEY!!!!  Everything went smooth on the trip down there.  We got checked into the house Mimi rented and went swimming!  You and your brother had so much fun!  Wednesday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom!  What fun we had.  You met your first princess Pocahontas!  She was beautiful and you fell in love with her!  Nicholas met a few more characters that you would not even come close too (i.e. chip & dale, donald duck, goofy)  We walked around for a bit and then daddy, you & I went on your 1st roller coaster ride!  As you called it the Yeti ride.  It was so much fun and you had a blast on it!  Even when it was dark and we were going backwards you LOVED every minute of it!  After the ride we went to lunch at Tusker House and met some more characters.  You still wouldn't go by them, but you at least waved to them!  After lunch  we waited for the parade to begin!  What fun that was!  We also did a safari and then went to The Lion King show.  After a busy day and your last day being 4 I say it was a good one!
On your birthday we went to the Magic Kingdom and your got to see the castle for the 1st time!  What a magical look you had in your face.  You were so excited to see it!  As we walked up to the castle you saw The Fairy Godmother and was able to get your picture with her and then you got to go to the Bippidi Boddidi Boutique and get made up to be a princess for the day!  At first you wanted to be Jasmine but they didn't have all the accessories for that costume so instead you were Rapunzel for the day!  It was such a fun experience and you loved it all!  We had lunch in Cinderella's castle and you even got to dance with Cinderella!  After lunch we stood in line to see Rapunzel the look and your face when you saw her was priceless!  Mommy started crying to see the joy in your face when she called you by your name and wished you a happy birthday!  It was pure joy!  We spent time going on rides after that.  It was so much fun and your brother was a great sport throughout the whole trip!  All in all your birthday was magical and one you won't forget!
This past year you have grown so much!  You are wonderful to be around.  You are always making us laugh.  You still have your sassy side, but that is what keeps mommy & daddy on our toes!  You are for sure a daddy's girl.  You have daddy wrapped around your finger!

5 year fun facts:
Weight: 43 lbs
Heights: 46 inches

Favorite Movie: Tangled, Monsters Inc.
Favorite Show: Sofia the First
Favorite Toy: Dress Up & Babies
Food: Chicken rolls, cereal, cookies

You are doing great in school again this year.  You are in 4 yr preschool.  You are starting to read and love making pictures & coloring.  Thank you again for being a great big sister to Nicholas.  Even though he gives your trouble sometimes you love him, kiss him and love to play with him.  Daddy & I are so proud of who you are growing up to be and can't wait to see what God has in store for you next year!  Love you baby girl!

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