Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crazy things from Samantha

Driving home from Champps last night this was a conversation Samantha and I had

Samantha: Mommy did you bring my paci?
Mommy: No hunny, I told you that if you want your paci with, you need to bring it
S: Mommy your only kidding you did bring it.
M: No Samantha I didn't bring it.
S: but I'm tired and I can't twirl my hair
M: Samantha your hair twirls with out your paci
S: My hair doesn't twirl without my paci. I just want it. It makes me happy when I sleep.

Needless to say within 2 mintues of this conversation she was passed out in the car!
We are working on getting rid of the paci. She only gets it when laying in her bed or when she takes it in the car.

Out to dinner and out of the blue Samantha goes

Daddy, I think Nicholas should wear a racecar tutu for his baptism.
Not sure where that came from, but all we could do is laugh!

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