Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Week

This past week Jim was on vacation (I think I hear the choir singing)! It was a much needed break for all of us. This past month Jim was on Trauma and working a ton of hours. We all needed this break! We headed up to Chicago for the week. We had a ton of fun. Jim was able to spend time with family. On Monday, my mom, Samantha, Nicholas and myself went to look for Nicholas' baptism outfit. I found one and love it so much! Wednesday, Julie, Samantha, my mom and myself we went out to dinner at Red Robin and then all went for pedicures! It was so much fun to have a girls night and hang out with my sister. The weekend was busy getting ready for Easter. Thursday night, I helped my MIL stuff eggs for the big hunt on Sunday. Friday we relaxed during the day and attended Good Friday Service. As always it was a beautiful service. Saturday morning, Samantha and I headed to my mom and dad's to make desserts for Easter. We made rice krispie treats with peeps and M&M's, we made bird nests and we made cupcakes. Samantha always has fun baking. Saturday night, my FIL & MIL took the kids for the night and Jim and I went out with my family to Hollywood Casino. We had a ton of fun. I won $125 that night, but the big winner was my brother who won $1,000! After the casino we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner! It was a fun night! Easter morning, Samantha opened up the gifts in her Easter basket...she was so happy with all of them. We then got ready for church. It was a wonderful service again. It was nice to have all family there. After church everyone went to my in-laws house for Easter dinner and the big Easter egg hunt! It was such a fun week and had so much fun being back home with everyone. We will be back there in a couple of weeks for Nicholas' baptism.

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